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Yacht Charter in Greece


Greece yacht charter offers endless possibilities to experience an exciting combination of ancient history, urban luxury and breath-taking natural beauty. Whether relaxing on a secluded beach on one of the beautiful Greek Islands, revealing in the designer shopping and nightlife of beautiful touristic towns or take to the waves for some water sports activities, Greece offers a diverse and exciting charter vacation.


Our Boats in Greece

Salmakis’s specially designed hand crafted gulets provide every comfort for the modern traveller without compromising the charm, and magnificence of traditional Turkish gulets and modern luxury gulets as well. Each of our gulets have been hand crafted in our own shipyard, Neta Marine Bodrum / Turkey and took about a year to build. These gulets are built by craftsmen using local pine and mulberry. Our gulet’s design embodies the finest quality mahogany and teak to ensure that your holiday in Turkey will be one of the most memorable of your life. All of our yachts have air conditioning, not only for a comfortable night sleep but also for an enjoyable afternoon siesta. The yachts are also fitted with electric 220-volt power points. The spacious saloon is fitted throughout in mahogany and equipped with wifi, TV and a stereo hi-fi system. Every cabin has an en-suite shower/ WC. Briefly, our Gulets have every modern facility on board to provide our guests with all the necessary comfort. Every gulet of ours is equipped with full sailing system. There is nothing more relaxing than turning off the engine and letting the gulet move with the whisper of the wind, while all the sails are open and you are sitting on the deck enjoying the Aegean and Mediterranean sea.


Yacht Charter in Greece

Yacht charter Greece, one of the marvelous remains of the Byzantine rule, is without a doubt one of its kind country on the face of this planet.

Greece is fairly known for its unique architecture which is primarily made from white stone. This certain architecture also gives a particular hue to the streets of the Greece. It is a truly enchanting experience to roam about in the country side as well as the urbanized Greece. While in Greece there are a lot of opportunities to pounder upon and explore, the geographical location of this region makes it perfect to visit in summers as well as winters. Plus the cuisines offered by the mouth savoring restaurants over there is impeccable. The streets of Greece are filled up with places which offer such a blend of cuisines. 

While in Greece, the only leisure opportunity is not the streets and the local food. Architecture being one of its kinds appears to be quite appealing and the tourists can always shop for the regional artifacts and the items which are limited to this particular country. The life at night in Greece is transformed. There are numerous nightclubs in every district which become full of life as the night hails in. but one can always get fed up from the obvious entertainment and in the case of some vacations, roaming around in the city and streets is not the whole point. In such cases, solitude is what the mind craves for and there is nothing better at providing some than the company of a loved one or family or friends on top of the pacifying waves. 

Being a coastal country, Greece has many beaches which are significant because of their white sands. These beaches are brushed by the gentle waves which are a part of rather big ocean which has a turquoise hue generally. Lined with pine trees, this is sort of a beach perfect scenario that is offered in Greece. Apart from that there are some neighboring islands which are not that big enough to be inhabited by people but they have their own ecosystem. When a break from urban routine is the goal, a yacht charter is highly recommended and a trip to one of those islands might come in handy to blow of some steam. As mentioned earlier, that these islands are comparatively small, so a chartered yacht harboring at one of those islands can prove to be a lifelong memory for the guests on board

Rhodes, Kos Dodecanese

The Dodecanese islands offer a warm atmosphere. Yacht charter holidays begin in early April and go on until November (weather permitting). Unlike the open central Aegean Sea, these islands present the northwest winds, but are not as strong. The waters are calmer as are the winds. Serving harbors include Rhodes and Kos. Visitors will enjoy beautiful architectural influences from the Venetians and much by the Knights of St. John from the middle ages. There is no end to the regions natural beauty and treasures of Greek culture and cuisine